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Present in 125 countries and territories, with over 86,000 members
and 1,000,000 alumni, AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led organisation.


AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Our members are interested in world issues, leadership, and management. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national, ethnic, or social origin.

Our Vision

Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential.

Our Impact

AIESEC’s international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society.

Our Values

AIESEC’s values of activating leadership, enjoying participation, striving for excellence, demonstrating integrity, living diversity, and acting sustainably adapt to any content.

The Way We Do It

AIESEC provides its members with an integrated development experience comprised of leadership opportunities, international internships, and participation in a global learning environment.

This is the AIESEC Way.

Actions We Have

This year, many AIESEC entities contributed to our vision of peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential by tackling the issues that were most relevant to their entities. In Colombia, Ukraine, Brazil, Egypt, and countless other entities, AIESEC leaders lived our values and ensured our international platform was enabling young people in their countries to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in their society.

This is the AIESEC way in action

Where We Are

Generation 2015

Leadership Through Cultural Change: AIESEC 2015, Big AIESEC, and Generation 2015.

At all times we remain true to our essence, the AIESEC Way, while stretching ourselves to create the scale of impact we envision: the BHAG. Together, the AIESEC network set a five year ambition to provide us with a starting point for strategic five-year goal setting to become the organization we dream to be: AIESEC 2015. This will force us to evolve to the new era of AIESEC: Big AIESEC. We are the ones who will lead us to this new era of AIESEC. We are Generation 2015!

The BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal):

Engage and develop every young person in the world.

AIESEC 2015:

  • Our growing physical and virtual reach makes us the most credible and diverse global youth voice.
  • We are recognised across sectors as the first-choice partner for our ability to develop responsible and entrepreneurial leadership.
  • Our collaborative environment empowers every member to live a high-quality AIESEC experience, creating a cross-generation positive impact on society.

AIESEC 2105 Measures of Success:

In addition to measuring the number of experiences we deliver in our programmes, we began including the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of our exchange programs in the 2014 measures of success to show our commitment to greater quality in our programmes while tracking progress towards greater quantity and the ambitions of AIESEC 2015.


Generation 2015 Legacy Projects

This year, to progress towards the goals of AIESEC 2015, we focused on our Generation 2015 Legacy Projects:

Making Global Talent Happen

Even though the Global Talent Programme is the oldest AIESEC programme it is not the largest or fastest growing. In order to achieve AIESEC 2015 we had to increase our commitment to Global Talent.

We Deliver Quality Experiences

We want every AIESEC experience to be life changing so we committed to standards across our programmes.

Global Information System

We are creating Big AIESEC Online by building a new Global Information System.

Share Your Story

This year we focused on talent planning, team minimums, and organizational development as the key to developing the talent we need to achieve AIESE

The Leadership Lesson of Generation 2015:
We believe leadership is the fundamental solution and creating better leaders is our contribution to building a better world and that’s what AIESEC 2015 is all about. AIESECers of Generation 2015 are defined by three behavior characteristics: Collaborative, Purposeful, Driven.

Collaborative - AIESEC’s Global Talent Programme connects students and recent graduates to internship experiences across the world.

Purposeful - AIESEC’s Global Citizen Programme connects students and recent graduates to volunteer projects across the world.

Driven - AIESEC’s member experience programmes, the Team Member and Team Leader Programmes, connect students with professional development opportunities.

In order to fulfil our legacy projects and achieve AIESEC 2015 we had to learn to change culture within the organization and embrace the behaviours of Generation 2015. By focusing on behavioural change through value based recruitment and induction and development of our LEAD programme at every level of the organization we were able to embrace this change.

Global Talent Programme

Global Talent Programme

Our Global Talent leadership lesson this year was leaders cannot exist alone. This year, in order to live Big AIESEC and fulfil AIESEC 2015 we had to commit to the Global Talent Programme, our oldest programme, like never before. One entity working towards raising Global Talent participants would never achieve success without a collaborative entity working towards raising Global Talent positions.

Global Citizen Programme

Global Citizen Programme

Our Global Citizen leadership lesson this year was that the role of a leader is to unite others behind a common purpose. This year, in order to live Big AIESEC and fulfil AIESEC 2015 the Global Citizen Programme, our fastest growing programme, we had to commit to purposeful exchanges, so that our programmes weren’t just made up of passionate members, they were entrepreneurial and relevant to the communities they ran in. This year the network changed their perspective on how we see the Global Citizen Programme so we could achieve even bigger and better impact.


Case Study: AIESEC in Ghana

While Member Committee President of Ghana, Shayo Tinuoye, and her team had not originally planned to make the Global Citizen Programme the focus of their term, they quickly realized the programmes potential to be both purposeful and impactful. Focusing on projects that were important to communities in Ghana, like agriculture and information technology literacy, enabled the programme to grow and profit for AIESEC Ghana and helped establish national partnerships with companies like Bacardi and Microsoft!

Team Member and Team Leader Programme

Our Team Member and Team Leader leadership lesson this year was that leaders empower others. This year, in order to live Big AIESEC and fulfil AIESEC 2015 the Team Member and Team Leader Programme has to commit to behavioural changes to empower our members to be the capacity driving our operational goals.

Global Partners

  • EF

    EF Education First, the world leader in international education, has been a proud global AIESEC partner since 2010. EF shares very similar purpose and values with AIESEC as well as its mission: to open the world through education. The company created a customized global internship program for AIESEC leaders called the EF Diversity and Development program which has become very successful. In addition, EF extensively participates at global AIESEC conferences, Youth to Business Forums and many other initiatives based on various local partnerships between AIESEC and EF markets.

  • Electolux

    Partnering with AIESEC for over 10 years and having hosted more than 350 interns around the globe makes Electrolux one of the strongest Global partners. This year, Electrolux was involved in region-based recruitment and technical talent attraction, making it possible for 50 young professional to join Electrolux team. Additionally, Electrolux was awarded Partner of the year and is the new sponsor of the Global Excellence Awards!

  • Alcatel Lucent

    Alcatel-Lucent, a key player in the telecommunications industry, is a long-standing partner of AIESEC. More than 450 interns have had an internship experience over the last 10 years and have brought their dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit to the company. Alcatel-Lucent is now focused on sourcing both global technical and non-technical talent through AIESEC in order to build tomorrow’s future today.

  • pwc

    PwC has proudly been supporting AIESEC globally now for more than 40 years. The partnership includes extensive cooperation in the Global Internship Programme, international conferences and online spaces for engaging AIESEC'ers on important world issues and business trends, as well as Alumni and Advisory support, with a specific focus on financial and organisational sustainability for AIESEC's local offices.

  • International SOS

    International SOS is the world's leading medical and travel security services company and has been a Global Exchange Partner since 2013. The partnership spans several locations and aims to provide opportunities to support the development of young people and to have access to high-potential young talent from all over the world. Starting in 2014, International SOS has been providing medical and travel security to thousands of AIESEC members going on an international internship or volunteer experience.

  • Euromoney

    Euromoney Institutional Investor is one of the world's leading B2B media companies. We operate in more than 150 countries and provide high quality financial intelligence to decision-makers such as government leaders, central bankers, CFOs and asset managers through our newspapers, magazines, websites, economic research and conferences. In 2010, we began to work with AIESEC through our regional headquarters in Hong Kong to provide AIESEC leaders with the opportunity to further their international careers and gain extensive exposure to the thriving Asian growth story.

  • Logitech

    Focused on innovation and quality, Logitech designs personal peripherals to help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world. Logitech started in 1981 and lately became the worldwide leader in computer mice. Logitech is a new Global Partner providing exciting internship opportunities to young AIESEC leaders in Europe.

  • TCS

    As one of AIESEC!s largest internship partners, TCS works strategically with AIESEC on attracting talents for their global projects within the ACE Program, while supporting AIESEC in maintaining, the global internal platform which connects the global network.

  • Husqvarna Group

    Well-established partnership enables more than 20 international talents every year to experience the cutting-edge industry of Husqvarna Group. Satisfaction and quality of the programme is underlined by very high retention rate and contin- uous growth of the partnership. Husqvarna Group continues to support AIESEC!s increasing engagement of technical talents.

  • DHL

    One of AIESEC’s largest global partners, Deutsche Post DHL is the world’s leading mail and logistics group. Since 1996, it has provided opportunities to over 1,000 interns, and every year it offers positions to 70 more, with a retention rate of over 50% following the internship.

  • Unilever

    The global partnership between Unilever and AIESEC is focused on building a global employer brand in order to attract the best and the brightest minds. The partnership focuses on supporting collaboration between the two organisations with an overall objective of recruitment of AIESEC talent looking to make an impact in this exciting industry by joining Unilever!s global talent pool."

  • IE Business School

    IE is an international institution dedicated to educating business leaders through programmes based on our core values of global focus, entrepreneurial spirit and a humanistic approach. IE is a current Global Youth to Business Forum Partner and a very active supporter of local AIESEC chapters worldwide.

  • ING

    Since 2006, ING has sponsored the Global Leadership Awards, and in 2011 launched an initiative that fits AIESEC's top talent: the ING International Talent Programme - a three-year graduate programme, offered in different countries around the globe, which gives new opportunities for development, growth and international experience.

  • Microsoft

    A Global Partner since 2006, Microsoft has realised more than 60 internships in almost 20 countries. AIESEC and Microsoft also co-operate around the Youth Spark initiative, Quality Internships and Apprenticeships initiative in Europe and Ambassador Programme at universities in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Future Considerations

    LEAD, AIESEC's global leadership development programme, is designed in partnership with Future Considerations, an expert consulting firm in leadership and strategy based in London. We have been partners since late 2009.

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